Anthony delon dating

24-Feb-2018 20:33

Until recently Princess Stephanie, 19 seemed on her way to a happily-ever-after life with car-racer Paul Belmondo, 21, son of Jean-Paul.

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Now Delon is pursuing Stephanie, although she reportedly called Paul at his mother’s home near Cahors to assure him that she had not been unfaithful.

HE CUTS quite a serious figure in his rare sorties into the public eye.

Alain Delon freely admits that he spends much of his time, having just turned 75, thinking about the past.

Delon did not attend the funeral, but paid his respects the next day.

He also arranged for her son to be buried alongside her.In January 1983 Delon was arrested in a stolen BMW with a gun.He got a suspended sentence after the defense portrayed him as a lost boy who’d seen too many of his father’s tough-guy movies.Delon has never in fact admitted being Boulogne’s father, despite the latter’s startling resemblance to the former and the fact that he was raised by Delon’s parents.

Jan 25, 2017. Birth Name Anthony G. Delon Place of Birth Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, United States Date of Birth September 30, 1964 Ethnicity French, Corsican Italian, German, Spanish Anthony Delon is an American-born French actor. He was born in Beverly Hills,… continue reading »

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