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According to The Routes to Roots Foundation however the archives house the birth records from Grodno for the years 1838-1874 in Fond 146. My grandfather Szalom Dyszkin was born between 1890 to 1895 in Grodno.

He had two brothers William (I do not know his original name) and Shmuel Diskin who immigrated to the USA, and two sisters, only the name of one of them is known, Sonya.

Arlene Beare, UK Database Coordinator for Latvia SIG From: Jill Chesler For a number of years I have been researching the family of Abraham (Abram) and Rebecca Chesler from Slonim.

Their sons Akiva, Yakov, Herschel, and Yitzack were born in the late 1800s and 3 of them emigrated to the US.

) and a family with her, but have no evidence of them. wrote: Dear Sirs and Madams, While making a research concerning pictures and photografies showing the life in territories occupied by Germany I've found your web site and this picture in particularly: PW003K20328T7073a "German military personnel measuring the height of a Jew in Lida, in the process of issuing ID documents to local residents during the German occupation of the First World War." It is from the Ghetto fighters site in Israel.

I wonder if anybody has any more information on this family. I've just traced my gggg grandparents, Yitzchok/Aizik/Itzko (1799-1889) and Shayna-Basya (1804-1910) Halperin/Alpern/Galperin to Krasne. Since this research is made for a planned book-publication, I wanted to ask, if you could tell me the source or the reference of this picture. Thanking you in anticipation, Yours sincerely Theo Schley. It seems that they have many pictures from German occupation of lida during the First World War.

NEU: Free Phone 3-fach-Flat mit kostenlosem Smartphone! I am looking for information and documents on the family of my maternal grandfather's, Szalom Dyszkin.

Complete details about this database can be found at: .

It is rumoured that he may have come to South Africa via Germany, as apparently that is where he worked as a tailor for a Mr Liepner, hence him adopting the surname for professional reasons.

Which route he took to get to South Africa is not known. Has spent coins Title: South African Who's Who 1916 Page Number: 395 His will and death notice have no information that could help us either.

I do not ask for rights or for them to sign anything. It is done to preserve the history of those who are no longer with us. In the fall our combined music programs are performing Leonard Bernstein’s Mass and our class is putting together 3-minute videos on specific topics surrounding Leonard Bernstein and his Mass.

You can learn about them without paying any fee or joining any group. My video is how Leonard Bernstein & his father (why they never saw eye-to-eye so to say) and I would like to use the picture you have of young Leonard and his family.His name in the USA was Louis his Hebrew name is Zalman Leib ben Moshe last name SCHEWACH. In the USA I have found some info on him, he came to the USA in 1903.If you have info on this name or can help point me in the right direction to go please be in touch. Moshe Schaeffer My paternal grandfather, Hyman Lubetsky, was from Ashmyany. I understand his extended family was killed during WWII.In an entry in the 1916, Who's Who of South Africa -( not the Jewish one) it has the following information: Name: Nicolas Liepner Event Type: Birth Birth Date: 1875 Birth Place: Covno Goberna, Russia Residence Year: 1916 Occupation: Speculator Notes: Ashton Buildings, Johannesburg. Kind regards Desiree In your web pages for Radoshkovichi and Sheinhouse, you show the following entry: FREDA SHEINHOUSE Request Information (SS-5) SSN 0 Residence: 11577 Roslyn Heights, Nassau, NY Born Last Benefit: Died Jul 1968 Issued: NY (Before 1951) Actually Sheinhouse is her married name as she was married to Julius Sheinhous . If you want further information or you want me to put you in touch with their grandchildren, please let me know.

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