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23-Apr-2017 16:41

The lists of symbols and gifts for wedding anniversaries is often written and talked about. Dating anniversaries tend to be celebrated in months rather than years.

There does not appear to be a similar universally accepted gift guide or suggested list for dating anniversaries.

The boyfriend and I have a 2 year anniversary right around the corner, any suggestions for something to do?

Last year we had couples massages sauna, and went out to a nice dinner, and got each other very nice gifts.

I am happy that we both are fulfilling our promise honestly.

Your love converted me to a poem and its rhythm makes me feel that you love me, cares about me, and I feel like a song of great importance sung by the birds in the air.

Happy second marriage anniversary to my best friend and husband. Which means every passing year brings more power of attraction and importance in our life. Our marriage is a teabag which makes its color and taste with the spending time.

Each passing year makes our tea more colorful and tasteful.

Flowers are romantic and sweet and if sent to the office flowers create the added advantage of allowing your significant other to bask in the envy of their co-workers.Happy second marriage anniversary to handsome husband. The things lose their value with the time and they grew old.You made this year full of enjoyment, I expecting this responsibility from you in whole life. You made my whole year full of romantic and excitement, you never let me boor. The priceless gift for me is my husband and thanks for past successful year of our marriage. But in case of our relation, each passing day is a day of more love, more affection, more attraction and a promise of being together forever. Congratulations and a bundle of feeling of my heart that are loudly saying that I love you and I will keep loving you for the rest of my life.The first month anniversary gift should be romantic, thoughtful and not over the top.

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After all it is only one month and if you go overboard on the one month anniversary what are you going to do for the first year anniversary?Some of the most appreciated anniversary gifts revolve around time the couple can spend together enjoying some activity or event together.The first month is a big deal and most women if not the men will expect some sort of recognition of the conclusion of one month of dating.You spend a lot of time together you better understand each other as compared to last year.

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