Do people celebrate dating anniversaries

01-Dec-2017 08:30

If you can’t dress like a slutty leprechaun every 365 days, then life isn’t worth living, I always say.

It's not the exact date, but based on our history we both agree on that date.

Right now we have the date we became an official couple 4/11/11, the date we got engaged 4/8/12, and then next year we will add our wedding 3/30/14.

We were joking that we should find the middle date and just do everything on that day.

I was curious as to which date people celebrate things on.

Ours are so close it's hard to do something each day lol.

Romance is both about the everyday little moment of spontaneity ( and well done you for going for thsoe) but markers are a symbol , just as marriage is a symbol. Just be sure you realize that the other party may also like to do things when they are moved to and dont dismiss their desire as alway fleeting. However since you see the relationship as long term, I see no harm in a nice dinner or glass of bubbly.