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I garden, eat ethically and healthily but omnivorously, much homegrown in the large Victorian vegetable garden, fruit orchard and surrounding woods full of wild mushrooms where I live in semi-rural Norfolk, UK.I play guitar and piano (Bach, Beethoven and Scott Joplin mainly), once played the violin rather badly, and studied music theory, harmony and composition to Grade 8.

What people don’t realise is that my racing mind means the very full output they hear or read is already me slowed down, 80% of what I think or want to say is already restrained, edited, held back.I do quieten down briefly for my love of fine food, vintage Rioja, cooking, entertaining and pampering friends and house-guests.I do believe in a bit of benign decadent sybaritism – especially when shared with friends.I often speak at events and conferences usually on LGBTIQ, mental health and human rights topics, but I also do stand-up comedy, sometimes described as educational, dark and intelligent with lots of long words and innuendo – “edutainment”.

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I love foreign movies especially Pedro Almodovar Spanish ones, Scandinavian dramas like Borgen and The Bridge, films about gender non-conformity or ones that pass the Bechdel test and contain real female roles, or future dystopias, vampires (True Blood In 2012, I had a 25-minute film documentary made about me by two wonderful visual anthropologists., Fifty Shades of Gender/Trans/Intersex; Hebrew Words and Ancient Philosophy; Relaxed manifesting & radical marketing; Courage & Self-confidence; When Asexual met Pansexual – an alternative relationship guide; Not another Trans Autobiography; a guide to the Alphabet Soup of Gender and Sexual Diversity, and a bisexual dystopian futuristic novel with roots in the Greek past and present.I’m also a human book, ready to be read by members of the public at Human Library events, in order to challenge prejudice and overcome stigma, hate, judgement and the misunderstanding of those who experience negative reactions from some people in society.I spend my days mostly writing, reading several daily papers from across the political spectrum and international news websites, supporting gender non-conforming people, liaising with Police and public sector over LGBTIQ, invisible disabilities and other issues, and from Spring to Autumn – gardening and cooking.

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