Ad dating system

22-Jan-2017 03:56

Doesn’t mean the ads that do have clearly noted locations are completely legit, but they tend to be slightly or significantly better in terms of literary quality.

Fake ads are written to imply this woman’s hot, willing and ready right NOW!

I was talking specifically to you trifling-ass, game-playing broads who think it’s real cute and funny to give some poor jack-off enough time and attention to keep him interested, only to push him away when it suits you. You can even pick up some less savory things, such as, erm, hookers. With that said, CL is absolutely abysmal as a resource for meeting someone or even getting laid.

(Oh: And take some extra bitch points if you’re talking shit on him on social media at the same time you’re playing him for all he’s worth.) Anyway, we good? There are so many factors stacked against you it defies calculation, let alone belief.

If you’d like to call me and/or meet in a public place our first time, that’s fine. However, if you insist on pressing the “dating verification” issue, I’m going to assume you are a spammer and report you accordingly.

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Before I do that, though, I want to reply publicly to a comment my first post on this blog received.

One I found that showed up with disturbing regularity was “80s musakrocks @ ” If you keep seeing the same email addresses over and over again in response to ads from women of 16 different alleged ethnicities, backgrounds and ages, guess what? This doesn’t mean all the ads on CL are fake by any means, or that there’s exactly zero chance of meeting someone for a hookup or something longer-term.

However, consider CL as a last desperate resort to not have to spend Saturday night alone and put in a little work during the week to make that happen.

Just saying you should probably avoid it if you have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Like, say, a pulse and/or bladder and bowel control. The only thing that will shrink my erection faster than breast implants (or, honestly, implants of any kind) are the words “I’m pregnant and I think you’re the daddy!

At the very least it was probably written by someone who has no understanding of the function of condoms and is going to have to rely on you to figure out where your junk goes.

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