Who is adam duritz dating

27-May-2017 06:12

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“Those songs aren’t even about the girls,” he tells me.“In Anna Begins Anna is a character, but really the song is not about me and her, it’s just about me.

“There were so many artists and musicians hanging out – I met William Burroughs and Allan Ginsberg, Tom Petty was around, the Hughes brothers had just made Menace 2 Society.“I had never seen Friends because I was on the road at the time,” he says, “and a friend brought a girl [he wouldn’t say if it was Aniston or Cox] and lied to me by saying she was obsessed about me and I lied to her, saying I was obsessed about her.We ended up dating, but within weeks realised we had absolutely nothing in common.” What about Christina Applegate?“When everybody loves me, I will never be lonely,” he sang on that song.