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With a cast largely composed of non-gay men, you'd be surprised how convincing the likes of Timothy Olyphant and Dean Cain are at playing it fey.Olyphant stars as a likeable photographer/waiter looking to focus his life away from destructive one-night relationships and into something more meaningful.In A New Wave we have a bored bank teller named Desmond (Andrew Keegan) who dreams of the big time, so he kicks in with pals Gideon (John Krasinski) and Rupert (Dean Edwards), who plan to rob the bank where he works.The "perfect plan" described on the DVD cover is pretty asinine: They other two guys will simply go to the bank when Desmond's on duty, rob it, and have Desmond fill up the moneybags.After that comes something about an immortality serum which has the unfortunate side effect of blowing up some of its users.

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Gideon scripts the robbery as if it's a movie, complete with dialogue and costumes.This is his first film and it's riddled with nagging script deficiencies (most of these "real people" don't seem to have jobs) and bad technical calls, like the gratuitous, intrusive and annoying overuse of hand-held cameras.Continue reading: The Broken Hearts Club Review There's just no excuse for making a Shakespeare knock-off with "Savedby the Bell" quality dialogue.Amanda Detmer has a reputation for being bitchy and accident-prone. Continue reading: Extreme Dating Review Boy meets girl. Boy pays third boy to try to loosen up girl's sister so he can get girl. Odin (Mekhi Phifer) is the sole black student at a ritzy prep school for the overly wealthy.

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He's also the star basketball player, destined for greatness in college ball, at least.Continue reading: The Broken Hearts Club Review What the hell?Post-apocalyptic teens wander out of the forest and into a bombed out Seattle, enounter a solar-powered house, and start having lots of sex.He carries on a semi-secret love affair with Desi (Julia Stiles), a waifish Julia Stiles stock character, who is also the daughter of the dean (John Heard).