Who is james and oliver phelps dating

27-Sep-2017 11:23

It was a different day of filming from anything we’d done before.” The first film in the two-part “Harry Potter” finale marks the beginning of the end for the 10-year, eight-film franchise that showcased the brightest of British talent.

For the Phelps twins, now 24 years old, it’s the end of their first — and in all probability, their biggest — acting gig, though both plan to continue in acting.

“Fred and George are pranksters, and Ron’s clumsy, and whatnot; I think deep down, all the Weasleys have got a good heart on them.

They may not have a lot, but they like to share it,” James said.

“Robbie Coltrane told us on our first movie [“Harry Potter and The Sorcerer’s Stone”], ‘This is like having a Rolls Royce for your first car, because you’ll be very lucky if you ever get anything better than this,’” James said.

“It’s been as good as you’d expect and better, because they are genuinely really nice people.

“At school, I was always, not the class clown or anything, but I’d always have a bit of a joke with my friends and that.

They see the danger, and they want to go at things full on.” That’s not to say their methods don’t still have the Weasley flair for a good gag.“When people aren’t twins or haven’t got twins in the family, they kind of relate them as just one group.” Oliver said he and James support rival soccer teams. “And I’m definitely the tidiest of the two of us,” Oliver said.“ “While everyone else is learning math and science and that, we’re playing darts and wasting the day, as it were,” Oliver joked.The Weasley twins left their school days in a blaze of glory near the end of the fifth film and opened their own joke shop, Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, in the sixth, selling tricks and novelties, like “Pimp-Your-Broomstick” kits, shoes that walk on walls, and spot-removal glamours.

But in the final two films, the brothers focus less on childish pranks and more on the resistance movement.“So although they like to joke, it shows the adult and serious side of Fred and George.Obviously, they’re ready to fight, and that isn’t really a laughing matter.” In the end, James and Oliver said, the Weasleys are true Gryffindors.“It was really cool, actually, because in the other films we’ve always been like the comic relief characters,” Oliver said.