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If you want to maintain any semblance of sanity in this world, you must accept good enough.Good enough is not a nice term for accepting defeat. It means, it's good, and it's good to the point that it's as good as it needs to be.There are some things worth running the extra mile for, but most things are not.

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All you have to do is know that the way you think, and what you see, and how you feel, is a valid but subjective take on a world in which there are infinite possibilities. The opinions of friends who are no longer friends anymore, the things you don't want or need but somehow can't bring yourself to part with. It makes way for you to realize what and who you are.Because that's all it is: a deflection, or a call, to create something that means something to you.(Don't waste your 20s staring at other people's filtered faces.)So many of the things we mourn not having aren't even things we want, which is something we only tend to realize long after the fact.Wanting better is rejecting what you've been given; wanting more is just the desire to keep your life moving along.

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Wanting more lets you also acknowledge what you have; wanting better makes it seem as though what you have isn't good enough. You have to be able to place aside less-important wants so more-important ones can take precedence.If you find yourself compulsively checking certain people's Twitter feeds, being overly curious about Facebook posts and generally awing over how other people live and how and when and in what ways that does and doesn't resemble your own existence, you need to stop.It's time to put the screens down and create the life you actually want.Someone else's truth, even when contradictory to yours, is still valid.

Darren and me. Darren and Kris talk about dating in Social Media! Darren and Kris talk about dating in Social Media! We took turns interviewing each other. Not sure which background I want for my interview with Darren – which was as serious as we get we never get serious! – perhaps the Matrix's scrolling green code.… continue reading »

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Mar 18, 2014. However, also in the issue is a discussion about the backlash of interracial dating in social media. Le sighI can only imagine. What I find is that the biggest backlash often comes from the very community magazines like EBONY serve. But overall, it's an enlightening piece, of course leaning sorta heavy on.… continue reading »

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She's been helping singles find love online for over two decades and ranks as the most influential person in the categories of "dating" and "online dating" in social media. Julie has served as an executive for several Internet and communications companies and today she empowers singles on the dating scene. Follow Julie.… continue reading »

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