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Which is a fancy word for “excellent life quality” – or as Tai calls it; “The Good Life”Tai illustrates each topic with personal stories from his life or insights he picked up from reading books. (5000 ) was completely free and you even got a additional copy of “Managing Oneself” by Peter Drucker to discover your personal strengths.

Everyone has a piece of gold that we can extract from them.

“The good life” doesn’t go to people who don’t notice the “change of seasons.”The person with static skills will never thrive in an dynamic environment.

Look for changes & trends and use those to your advantage. Application & Thoughts Be aware of your current actions and surroundings.

Look for deep domain expertise (does he/she actually have the knowledge?

) and references (does he/she have the results you desire?

The friends who are “rich” in health; Invert their behavior and see how it pays off. Through observational learning it’s possible to instill bad patterns in you that you remain stuck with for a great while (e.g.

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