Beijing dating scene

26-Oct-2017 03:38

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Another woman sidles up and asks, "Are you looking to meet a man?

" She figures I must be looking, since I am not holding a resume of my offspring. He waves a wrinkled hand to indicate he doesn't want to talk anymore, because the difference between my daughter's height and his son's height is too great.

Her mother's hopes of a blossoming romance lay shattered.

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Yes, I tell her, one that is the same age as her son.

The father tells me his son is supportive of this search for a mate. Yet they are picky, given that the son speaks English and earns an excellent salary, around ,000 a month, working for Oracle.

This father, so proud of his son's achievements, pulls out a small hand-written resume and adds his home phone for me to contact him if one of my daughters should become interested.

But then she decides she cannot consider a match, because her son isn't good enough for my family.

My Chinese friend tells me it's because I am Caucasian.

" An interested mother approached, read the ad attentively, before asking: "Can he speak German?

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