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A one story house is simpler, more or less like our fence with a roof. We are one kilometer from the sea on a flat, exposed, treeless plain.

That gives us good breezes when it’s hot, but the typhoons will really blast us.

As is traditional, the floor of the bahay kubo is about one meter above grade.

This makes a standing adult above the level of the top of our eight foot fence.

We are surrounded by land which either has already been subdivided or in in the process of subdivision.

The pace of development in the Philippines is such that land around us will be developed, sooner or later. Our second floor would give us a ring side seat to whatever was going on a few feet away, karaoke, TV, crowing roosters and all the other aspects of exuberant Filipino life.

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It was a new house but had a traditional Filipino and Spanish Colonial flair.

We had lots of good reasons for wanting a two story house.