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24-Feb-2017 22:46

Reformed Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran and their six fellow death row prisoners were tied to crosses with cable ties before being shot by a 12-member firing squad in the early hours of Wednesday morning.

All eight men refused to wear blind-folds as they spent their last minutes of life praying, praising God and singing songs including Amazing Grace, according to the pastors who were with them in their final hours.'When they were being put on the cross for execution they were singing on the crosses and we were in a tent not too far away from the execution place trying to support them,' Father Burrows, spiritual advisor to the Brazilian man executed, told News Corp.

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The ambulances left the prison island of Nusakambangan, where Chan, 31, Sukumaran, 34, and six other prisoners were taken to a jungle clearing at 12.25am local time (3.25am AEST) to face a firing squad.