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30-Sep-2017 00:27

By far the most widely recommended trumpet mouthpiece which almost all of us started on is the Bach 7C.

Each time I’m asked which mouthpiece I recommend for a beginning player that is the one I recommend.

Diagram of sections of mouthpieces- When comparing and choosing mouthpieces, consider these effects: Mouthpiece Rim Mouthpiece Backbore Combinations of size and shape make the tone darker or brighter, raise or lower the pitch in one or more registers, increase or decrease volume.

The backbore’s effects depend in part also on the throat and cup. They are designed for different playing styles and sounds.

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Mine is a lot more banged up than that one, but in searching ebay completed listings, I'm kinda having trouble finding Bach 37's for less than 0 ...

As with every variable on a mouthpiece, one advantage will usually cause an equal disadvantage.

That is the reason again that “the beginning student should continue with the mouthpiece which came with the instrument” until the time in his/her development a change needs to be implemented.

Beginning trumpet and cornet players will not need to go through the endless quest to find the perfect mouthpiece as the more experienced players often do for the younger player needs to be more concerned with basic practice habits and steady improvement on his/her instrument and less concerned with what Mr. To be perfectly honest, if I’m asked what is the best trumpet mouthpiece, I would have to say that “there is no perfect mouthpiece for every player”.

If that were true, every trumpet player in the world would be playing on the same mouthpiece.The trumpet is brighter in timbre (tone) and the cornet is more delicate and sweeter in tone quality.When you think back to the turn of the century (that would be 1800-1900) with park concerts for well dressed men wearing top hats and women carrying parasols, the sound of the sweat cornets drifting on the air was very typical of the cornet and brass band music of that time.The mouthpiece is there to help vibrate your upper and lower lip when air passes between them.

Dec 22, 2007. A friend gave me his old Bundy that he had played in school band, probably in the early to mid-70s. I remember back in high school me and my Bach-owning buddies looked down on the kids playing 3rd trumpet on Bundys, but I have developed new respect 'cause this horn plays surprisingly well. I know it.… continue reading »

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Leadpipe. The wave-maker. A mouthpiece isn't long enough to create a standing wave on its own. For that, you need to slide your mouthpiece into a length of tubing called the leadpipe. Watch Read Artisans. Bell. Ring 'dem bells. How a single piece of brass creates our signature sound. Watch Read Artisans. The Bach… continue reading »

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