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17-Aug-2017 01:33

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Harmonix' other co-founder, Alex Rigopulos, sees the Network as the next form of media that people will want to experience music through as with portable music players and in concerts.Rigopulos also stated that creating music in a form that is ready to be used in Rock Band is "just part of what they do now", and considers the Network an attractive way to allow artists and labels to skip the Harmonix middleman in getting tracks to players.

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In addition, Harmonix had helped to spawn the creation of several third-party companies, based on the previous hacking environment for the creation of custom songs, that will author an artist's song into a Rock Band track.Due to limitations with Sony's store system, Harmonix would initially be able to offer 5 songs weekly, selected based on popularity as well as balance of genre and bands from the exist Network library from the Xbox 360; Harmonix is currently working to expand this number.The number of songs on the Network surpassed 400 in May 2010, More than 9000 users have participated in helping on supporting the Network review process with over 700 of those as track authors or playtesters.Artists retain full control on their songs, and receive 30% of the sales from the Network.

They also found the community was supportive of allowing creative mixes for a song that would. Rock Band Network website; List of available Rock Band Network.… continue reading »

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