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I just need you to sign here, please." He handed the clipboard to the girl, and she took it without hesitation.Haruhi just sat there in silence, reading the dialogue, and wondering what went wrong in the game. Haruhi froze for a second, before clicking 'esc' again. Don't leave me."It seemed that the game even knew when she was trying to leave. Clicking the windows button, the toolbar popped up, and Haruhi clicked the file directory. Don't delete me."The girl pursed her lips, confused on what to do.First, Sayori died, then Yuri stabbed herself, and now everybody was deleted except Monika? "And worst of all, knowing what's really out there, in your world, forever out of my reach," Monika was saying. She kept clicking things, attempting to find the game files, until she found it."Haruhi, what are you doing? Haruhi ignored it, in favor of going into the character file. Deciding on what to do, Haruhi created a folder and moved Monika into it.Signing her name, Haruhi gave the clipboard back, and the man handed her the package.

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He turned around and left, Haruhi waving after him.There was no sender on the package, but the receiver was clearly there; She walked over to her kitchen counter, and placed the package down, before going to grab a knife and opening it.Once it was open, She peered into the package, only to find a case- a game case. It was for PC, and had a drawing of four anime girls, it was called 'Doki Doki Literature Club', and looking at the summary on the back revealed that it was a dating simulator.Reaching the front door quickly, Haruhi called out a small "Who is it? Haruhi looked through the small peephole to confirm, and there was indeed a mailman with a package.

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