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He was around the same height as his son Clark and would nearly always wear simple clothes that consisted of plaid, low collar shirts and blue jeans.Jonathan kept his hair cropped short in the early 2000s while he was seen with medium length hair in late 2005 to early 2006.When Jonathan decided to run for a seat in the Kansas Senate against Lex Luthor.

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Later on, Jonathan heads to the caves with the Key, but is confronted by Lionel and they fight for the Key, which phases through the wall and disappears. Later on in Talisman, Clark gets stabbed by Jeremiah with Palak and almost dies, but Jonathan through Jor-El, heals him.

He grew to resent his father and by the time Hiram died, Jonathan had many things he never got to say and lived the rest of his life regretting the breakdown of their relationship.