Drake and serena williams dating

22-Feb-2018 03:02

Tennis star Serena Williams might have dated Drake in the past, but we’re making a racket about their rumoured reconciliation.We’re also making some noise (and drooling) over Serena’s coat she’s wearing in this snap from a while ago, because not only is it a pretty trench coat made from lace, but it’s by none other than Burberry. British fashion house Burberry are pretty much the reason behind the timelessness of trench coats, and since they’ve been creating them for years, it’s no surprise that they’ve made them in pretty much every texture and fabric.Well, because nothing ever truly goes away on the Internet, we now know that as far back as four years ago, Drake was flirting with Serena on Twitter, proclaiming "I cannot wait to put it on you and make you sweat…during our match this weekend." He apparently did just that, because last year, Drizzy was at the center of a rumored rivalry between Williams and Rihanna, a feud that supposedly culminated backstage at a concert in Paris, when Serena and Ri Ri "had it out" (thankfully, "nothing physical happened"). Of course, as of Tuesday, there's been no official word from either about their relationship status, but Williams' friends are reportedly already worried about her, so, y'know, take that for what it's worth.And just last month, Drake was at Wimbledon, where he turned into that Drake from four years ago (on more than one occasion) and even Instagrammed a photo of Williams after she claimed her sixth All England title: And as long as we're sifting through social media detritus for clues, well, there's this: After winning the Cincinnati tournament for the second straight year, Williams posted a triumphant photo that also included a #backtoback hashtag. And regardless of whether tennis has a new First Couple, it should make next week's US Open all the more interesting – as if Serena's shot at tennis immortality wasn't already enough reason for you to tune in.Photos have emerged of Williams, 33, and Drake, 28, kissing during a romantic dinner date in Cincinnati on 23 August after weeks of speculation about their relationship.

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In an interview with Conquest Magazine, Drake doesn’t hold back his love and admiration for Serena. Both singers have a shared “interest” in Rihanna, but also share a love for Serena. As he told her – “I want to make you sweat.” And man, he’s really been making her sweat.

Williams has made no secret of her desire to settle down as she told one Twitter follower who asked if she was ready for love and children: "Desperately.

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