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29-Jan-2017 10:16

Well..least Simon and John treat their wives with respect.

I hear that Yasmin and Gela hold the reigns in their marriages and keep their men in line and under tight control, which is awesome. First of all, the comments you referred to about making his girlfriend dress in a certain way (which, in fact was also in the unauthorized Duran Duran biography "Notorious") was made by Madeleine Farley, one of his first serious girlfriends after his divorce from Julie Anne.

Those are your words and not mine, so dont use them to try and put words in my mouth. I put all my sources in my comment so you could go back and check them.

Apparently you did because you dropped several points I made about your original comment that you could not counter.

Although Warhol missed their London wedding because he hated to travel - he gave them a heart that he inscribed 'To Nick and Julie, love Andy '84' The striking brunette was at Christies today and brought along her mother Jo Ann Friedman for support, saying: ' I decided I couldn’t bear to let the Warhol Heart go without actually there to watch it go under the gavel.

'I feel like I’m saying goodbye to an old friend again, and it just felt wrong not to do so in person.

I also believe women are far superior to men..I happen to be one of THOSE type of feminists...however... However, I highly object to you calling her "money-and-fame-hungry " because she looks really miserable with him and I think she was saying all that stuff about her picking out his clothes just to sound like a modern evolved woman who is in control of her man. I think, just like all his other ladies, he bosses her around and keeps her from her friends and loved ones.

I still refuse to believe that Nick respects women. And getting back to Meredith, I also recall reading that she was at this party with one of her girlfriends and he had the audacity to call her and make her pick him up from the airport rather than take the limo with the rest of the band.