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He arrives in Erinsborough because his father relocates to the area to run a news agents.

Ryan Mc Lachlan, played by Richard Norton, made his first screen appearance on 15 February 1990.

She thinks she will need to fly back to the US and asks Madge and Harold to find Lord Ledgerwood and secure her business deal. The character's final appearance was screened on 27 February 1990.

Dorothy Burke (previously Mc Lachlan), played by Maggie Dence, made her first on-screen appearance on 7 March 1990.

Cockington said the scenes were due to air in February which were billed as two special episodes.

Nimmo was interested in appearing in Neighbours when he was approached because he thought it would be a free holiday.

That same month British actor Derek Nimmo guested as Lord Ledgerwood.Two years later, Boof returns to Erinsborough and begins bullying Toby Mangel (Ben Guerens) into stealing for him by threatening to hurt his dog Bouncer and kidnaps him as leverage, holding him hostage in a metal shed at a scrapyard.He also begins hassling Rick Alessi (Dan Falzon), who is initially blamed for a spate of thefts in the street and bullies him into stealing too, but Rick and his brother, Marco (Felice Arena) come up with a plan to foil Boof.Beth Buchanan began playing Gemma Ramsay, the niece of established character Madge Bishop in June.

The following months, three more members of the new Willis family arrived, Doug, Pam and Adam, played by Terence Donovan, Sue Jones and Ian Williams, respectively.The actress was appearing in a theatre production when she was approached by a representative from Grundy to join the show.Edward "Eddie" Buckingham, played by Bob La Castra, made his first screen appearance during the episode broadcast on 2 April 1990.Maggie Dence arrived as new principal Dorothy Burke in March.

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