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13-Jan-2017 03:38

[10/20/11 - PM]NBC Announces Adventure-Dating Series "Love in the Wild" Will Return for Second Season"The success of the relationships formed on the first season of this series is a testament to the unique format of this show," said Paul Telegdy.

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Si tratta di un format canadese, prodotto da Magnolia.

- October 20, 2011 - NBC today announced that its adventure-dating series "Love in the Wild" will return to the program schedule next year.

The series, produced by Endemol USA, heads to a brand new tropical paradise in its second season where contestants will navigate rigorous adventure challenges as well as the choppy waters of relationships in their quest to find love.

The bad news is that it totally will be and while we’re trying to enjoy those last few episodes of Steve Carell’s time on The Office, we’ll be forced to endure an onslaught of flashy commercials touting the super sexy adventures and drama.

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