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11-Aug-2017 17:08

Maybe the meth will get legalized but I highly doubt it.

However, I think the idea of the e-cigarette being cause for prison terms is so far-fetched that it will never come to be.

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This is YMMV for a reason however, as the sheer amount of Fan Wank in existence shows that a lot of people, at least within fandoms, really like it.Because "Attack Of The Six-And-A-Half-Foot Whatever" isn't as terrifying...This is like Incredible Shrinking Man, except that the ray gun that zapped the character was set on "Grow" instead of "Shrink".If you look at Amsterdam and the Coffee Houses, Switzerland and Needle Park.

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You will see drops in crime and in drug related hospitalizations.Anyone caught using this quit-smoking-aid within Thai borders, can expect a 7-year stretch in the 'big house'!I can't cite evidence, (yet), but the word-on-the-street is that the Thai government are about to make 2 life-changing new laws that, to many of us, may seem beyond common sensical belief.1) Methamphetamine is about to be legalised.For instance, England has strict control on the sale of alcohol between certain hours, whereas in Scotland, alcohol is available 24 hours a day, (same as in China), yet England has a social-drinking-problem, (because people feel the need to binge-drink before the bar closes), yet Scotland does not.