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What goes up must come down and so it is with the old Camden High School building.This image captures the essence of rise and fall of the high school that served Camden for over 50 years. Yet it will rise from the ashes as a retirement village.

In 1970 the state government built a library and science laboratory block on former gasworks land it purchased from Camden Municipal Council.

In 1946 Camden Municipal Council purchased the gasworks and started operating the facility.

The gasworks closed in 1965 according the fact sheet from the state government.

Camden Gasworks in the early 1910s (CIPP) Mr Murray the gasworks manager reported that construction at the gasworks had been completed, the retort had been lit and he anticipated full supply by the end of the month.

(Camden News, 4 January 1912) Throughout 1912 there an ongoing dispute between Mr Alexander, the managing director of the Camden Gas Company, and Camden Municipal Council over damage to Argyle Street while laying gas pipes and who was going to pay for it.

(Camden News, 12 September 1912)The operation of gasworks has left a legacy of soil and groundwater contamination, in some cases extending to adjoining sites.

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