Eve online stuck updating character

21-Jan-2017 22:27

Eventually I did figure out how to put some clothes on him.

But then I clicked next and went to portrait selection, where I chose this.

There’s always another tier or node to grind and if you don’t want to do that there’s another weapon or armor piece you can be more proficient in.

All of it ends up being something tedious in some way or another but it doesn’t feel like a waste of time.

(Cloth, Leather, Plate and Staffs, Maces, Shields etc.) To make the best gear you have to grind material and level your profession. Regardless at the top end, it’s still loot the dead.

This is part of the risk-reward of the game and what makes it difficult.

The difference being your character still exists and any progress you made on that character is still there.

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All that being said the crafting/gathering/grinding nature of the game was a huge turn-off.The big drop for Incursion went live at last, and there is a ton of stuff in it. That is about a 1.2 GB download, which is about double the payload of your typical EVE Online expansion. is that you make your character and then you are stuck with it for freakin’ ever.And while the Sansha Nation incursion is the big deal, the namesake of the expansion, the new character creator is the first new thing people will likely run into. So, remembering how I rushed through the avatar portrait creation back when I first started playing EVE, and how I have had to look at the same crappy avatar ever since, I thought I had better have a practice run before I went for my main character.I heard of Albion online near the end of the MMO boom.