Soulja boy boy dating like dating america man

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And my trap boys they be on the news I be cashing out on designer shoes [Verse 1] Boy I go hard riding on the cruise I am king soulja who the fuck is you?

See my young niggas they be on the news Saw me up in traffic he ain't know what to do Have a 30 on me long as a bitch You ain't gotta ask boy I tote the clips If you try me put you in a ditch I be making money like im mitch These niggas bitch made they really snitch Riding through they hood 30 on my hip Run up on me boy I got that infanred Run up on mme boy you won't talk again [hook] [Verse 2] I got 50 bricks in my fucking stash Free my niggas L's free qanie cash I take em chickens make em take a bail He say he wanna slpit it down to half I need 80% fuck the math I cash out I dont do the tab 20 15 tessler I do the dash Riding through the hood and you know I smash Tv screen looking like an ipad Riding round town with like nine gats Run up on me wrong boy ima blast And your baby mama you know I smash Riding through the hood smelling like cash Pouring up lean and im counting cash Got a bad bitch with a fat ass Boy I trap hard why I count cash Boy I date pistols they blast Money on me boy I got a bag Boy I check a flag like a check a bag SOD MG we running that Run up on me wrong ima spray you flat Chopper hit your friend lay you on your back Run up on your house, you get kidnapped All I need is nan but these techs mad Hunnid k that bm one day I just hit a lick for like 60 keys They call me young pablo E Blowing on dope with no seeds Run up on me wrong you get R.

:(((((you spelled "loud" wrong and just proved everyones point that rap sucks and really music isnt just poorly writen peoms "sang" to off beat music that isnt really music because music requires actual instruments like drums (i play them) and guitar or better yet piano and a soul,i believe a truely great song comes from the soul which is why actual music will conquer over crap i mean rap any day, not a computer and a freaking program that tries to sound like something its not The decline of music is here.

This is not music, it's a talentless, tasteless computer project by an immature boy.

Before I get into the actual documentary, I'd like to say there was a period of time in my life where I was the biggest rap fan on the planet. I became obsessed with the genre, and a very cocky, narcissistic person. It was 2007, Soulja Boy's infamous "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" was sweeping the airwaves and etching itself into one of the most popular dance songs of all time. I became so obsessed I started talking like him and trying to make myself into him. When I hear or even think of the years 2007 or 2008 I cringe at how self-centered, arrogant, and immature I was.

Around 2009 I calmed down, and by 2011, I was a whole new person.

The judge sentenced him to 5 years of probation and 240 days of community service, according to TMZ.

He was facing up to four years in jail if he was found guilty.

After the unprecedented success of his first single "Crank That (Soulja Boy)," his debut album off of a major record label,, was released and later went Platinum. ," about when you want people to "get out yo face" and "Soulja Girl," about Soulja Boy looking for his significant other.Soulja Boy: The Movie wasn't like Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a film made solely for profit and gimmick - it was made to show a story that was never previously told.Starring: De Andre "Soulja Boy" Way, Abrahim "Arab" Mustafa," and J-Bar. I play guitar,piano and saxophone and feel very strongly about music and this excuse for a song makes me want to kill myself. I think deep down inside he knew this was going to be a smash.

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It is a sad day when this terrible excuse for music tops the charts.

I have heard hip hop and rap which I like and I appreciate the form.