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Writing, counseling, public service and even politics are areas where INFJs frequently find their niche.

Functional Analysis: Introverted intuitives, INFJs enjoy a greater clarity of perception of inner, unconscious processes than all but their INTJ cousins.

INFJs are twice blessed with clarity of vision, both internal and external.

This apparent paradox is a necessary escape valve for them, providing both time to rebuild their depleted resources and a filter to prevent the emotional overload to which they are so susceptible as inherent "givers." As a pattern of behavior, it is perhaps the most confusing aspect of the enigmatic INFJ character to outsiders, and hence the most often misunderstood -- particularly by those who have little experience with this rare type.Though affable and sympathetic to most, INFJs are selective about their friends.Such a friendship is a symbiotic bond that transcends mere words.A comrade might surmise that such detachment signals a disillusionment, that she has also been found lacking by the sardonic eye of this one who plumbs the depths of the human spirit.

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Experience suggests that such distancing is merely an indication that the seer is hard at work and focusing energy into this less efficient tertiary function.Strongly humanitarian in outlook, INFJs tend to be idealists, and because of their J preference for closure and completion, they are generally "doers" as well as dreamers.This rare combination of vision and practicality often results in INFJs taking a disproportionate amount of responsibility in the various causes to which so many of them seem to be drawn.INFJs are champions of the oppressed and downtrodden.

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