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As for herself, Cher says, she goes with other men but only “for companionship. She reports: “We just had a wonderful suite at Chicago’s Ritz-Carlton overlooking the lake, and Gene said at breakfast that it never ceases to amaze him how comfortable he is with me. “Cher’s an untainted soul who has never done anything bad to anybody.” The two phone daily and jet so often to rendezvous for stolen weekends (Gene has flown intercontinental for as little as a night together) that they have begun to establish beachheads outside L. Cher just bought a 0,000 log cabin in Aspen, where they’ll spend Christmas. “But it’s a real warm retreat.” After Cher was turned down by Manhattan’s cafe-society co-op, the Dakota, Simmons popped for another New York apartment, which Cher is redecorating.

He has never had a steady girlfriend, never had a relationship with anybody. He’s a very strange, complicated and honest person.” “I’ve always been afraid to talk about the relationship before,” says Gene. From a publicity angle, this is not the most popular thing we could do. They’re very jealous and possessive, but that’s tough,” he snaps. What’s more, the enormous Egyptian-style palace Cher began in Beverly Hills three years ago should soon be finished, months behind schedule.

“The architect and I got a lot of ideas from the souvenir book that came with the TV movie ,” Cher admits ingenuously.

The two-story mansion is being built around a central courtyard with a glass roof that opens electrically.

As she stutters at the start of the act, “What you see up here may look like an adult, but it’s really a child with very long legs.” That self-perception, plus her palpable and perpetual fondness for Bono and Allman, suggest that the long-legged kid really is growing up.

Yet oddest and most curious of all is that the liaison that may have brought the greatest solidity to her life is with, of all people, Gene Simmons, the four-years-younger, fire-breathing and blood-spitting bass guitarist for the kinky kindergarten rock group Kiss.

Like any other self-respecting Californian who’s been blackballed by the board of a Manhattan co-op and gone through at least six crises in public, it was memoirs time.

Only this tragicomic American folk figure wasn’t going to blow it in the usual book: Cher is baring her all in a glitzy cross-country cabaret tour.

Besides, I’ve always hated kids—except scrambled.” Chastity and Elijah Blue are the exception to that heretical statement by one of the kingpins of pubescent rock. He raised me from the time I was 17 until I was 27.We share, she says, “the best relationship I’ve ever had with a human being.” Which does not necessarily mean monogamous.“I’m going through a very liberated phase right now,” she says.“He’s too far gone/He doesn’t want to know me/He’ll never get to know his son,” she wails, while Bono’s movies of Elijah flicker in the background.