Anxiety dating after divorce

22-Feb-2018 07:22

Barbara Wilder is a spiritual teacher and trance meditation therapist, as well as the author of two books and a play.

Her guest post recounts the lessons she learned from her father about embracing life. Her friend's dying wish was for her to finish a children's book she had been writing.

Her husband was bi-polar, and this made the divorce even harder on both of them.

Afterward, Barbara found her true calling and happiness. When they divorced, she kept his last name because it was what she had gone by her entire professional career, despite his demand that she change back to her maiden name.

Heather-Marie was married for seven years shortly after she turned 18.

She was not surprised by the divorce, but she says she wasn't ready for the process.

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All these lessons have kept her second marriage alive for almost 19 years.

Student Mama says divorce has taught her to be more independent.