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A flat portion 45 extends outwardly from the gripping edge 33 and parallel to the stop face 32'.

In this manner, portion 45 rides inwardly over the top of the vial as the gripping edge is moved inwardly, as shown in FIG. It is now deemed obvious that the present invention provides a decapper of simplified construction which has opposed jaws each of which has an arcuate gripping edge spaced from a stop face a distance no greater than the distance from the top of the cap to the top of the vial, and an undercut portion between the gripping edge and the stop face.

In this embodiment, jaws 22' and 23' each have a gripping edge 33' spaced from stop face 32 a distance approximately equal to, but no greater than, the distance from the top of the cap 11 to the top 14 of the vial 13.

The relief is provided by a differently shaped undercut 44 which extends from the gripping edge 33' in a direction away from the bottle cap and toward the stop face 32.

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l and 3 show a decapper, generally designated 10, from the bottom. 1 and 3 show the side of the decapper which would face downwardly when placed upon the cap of a vial.One decapper which is on the market is a modification of the structure shown in US. This is a relatively complex tool and sells for about 80 dollars. SUMMARY The present invention relates generally to a decapper and, more particularly, to a decapper for removing the cap from a vial of the type which has a rubber septum inserted into the neck of the vial and an aluminum cap which is crimped over the rim of the vial.It is a general object of the present invention to provide a decapper for removing the cap from a vial of the type described.Gripping edge 33is arcuate and on a radius different from the radius of the exterior of the cap 11.

Preferably, the radius of the gripping edge 33 is less than the radius of the cap 11.

The decapper 10 is especially designed to remove a cap 11 and septum 12 from a via] 13.

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