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These services are fully confidential, and we only provide the help and support you need.Police involvement is totally voluntary as well, except in certain specific cases.

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Domestic violence is abuse by an intimate partner, and may include physical assault, and emotional, psychological, and sexual abuse.

For emergency treatment, please contact your local emergency services or hospital emergency department.

TBRHSC is pleased to share this very important training with members of the public and with other places of employment.

For all questions including assistance after an assault, call (807) 684-6751.

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The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centre (SA/DVTC) is an individualized service available to victims and survivors of sexual assault and/or domestic violence.If you have recently been assaulted, please go directly to the Emergency Department at the Health Sciences Centre and ask for assistance.For those outside of Thunder Bay, please go to your local emergency department.You may withdraw your consent to any of the options at any time during your visit.

Are you worried that someone might find. Ontario Coalition of Rape Crisis Centres network for rape crisis/sexual assault centres in Ontario. on love, sex, dating, your body, school, and money.… continue reading »

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