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People always make incorrect assumptions about me and I'd rather they not have me confirm those." Luyendyk isn't sure.“I’ve already sent somebody home who I just felt was too young for me,” he tells USA TODAY, presumably referencing 25-year-old Jenny who exited in the Jan. But then he realizes that a few of the remaining women are younger, and explains, “It’s not really about the age, it’s more about the maturity level, and just how someone carries (herself) and their life experience. is seeing a "whole different side of things" now that he's tuning in to The Bachelor on Monday nights, reliving the relationships he built while filming the TV show.Fans have been rooting for Arie to find love since he first appeared on Emily Maynard's season of The Bachelorette back in 2012, and I had the chance to talk to him about his Bachelor experience and get a behind-the-scenes scoop on some of the memorable scenes.

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So when Arie, the runner-up from Emily Maynard's season, was announced as our next Bachelor, fans immediately started speculating that Courtney might show up on the first night. "And their friendship is still so strong that Arie is actually Courtney's landlord!

Most recently, viewers have been wondering about the strange pause that came during his date with Lauren B. She'd been struggling to open up, and after she told Arie she was falling in love with him, he left the table and stepped outside before returning to tell her the feelings were mutual. "Watching previous seasons, the Bachelor doesn't usually reveal how he feels about somebody," Arie told me, saying it's an "unspoken thing," not a rule.

It was a confusing scene to watch, and fans on Twitter came up with all sorts of theories about his brief exit. "I went and asked production, 'Can I tell this person how I feel about them?

It’s easy to see how the fresh-faced contestant is charming Luyendyk: She got this reporter into an excited conversation about rock climbing that had us chatting so loudly that film crew had to shush us.“Arie is somebody, I think, who’s really considerate and kind and good at making everyone feel at ease,” Martinez, in a sweaty bandanna from the day's wrestling practice, says. “I’m 22 and he’s 36, so that’s a little bit different, but it’s cool because he’s got his stuff together. It would be a blast of a lunch and we'd pretend it was Betty's birthday at a Hibachi restaurant!

He’s got his career in place, he’s ready to be serious about a real relationship, about marriage, and he’s all in all a great guy,” she says. " D’Nysha (Nysha), 30, orthopedic nurse, Belton, S. The most outrageous thing she's ever done: "Skydiving and applying to be on a reality TV show where millions of people will judge you - no pressure!USA TODAY went on location, at a theater in September, to see the young reality contestants practice hair-pulling, crotch-kicking and body-slamming. Surveying two ladies sulking on the steps, avoiding the wrestling match, a producer jokes that you can lead a horse to water, but can't make her drink.But the two youngest women were having a blast in the ring: Bekah Martinez, 22, and Maquel Cooper, 23.I knew that first date was going to be a date to spoil one of the ladies and I thought what not a better opportunity than to spoil her, because she's so deserving of it."Becca, understandably, felt like "Cinderella," telling ET that the Bachelor delicately helped her step into a shoe before dropping the dress bombshell on her."I thought I was only going to get the one for the date tonight, and then Arie looked at me and was like, 'Well, I want you to have them all," she shared. I got Rachel Zoe's gowns, which are amazing, I got a pair of Louis Vuitton [heels], which cost more than my rent, I think.

Jan 15, 2018. It's easy to see how the fresh-faced contestant is charming Luyendyk She got this reporter into an excited conversation about rock climbing that had us chatting so loudly that film crew had to shush us. Bekah, left, practices a wrestling move on Maquel. Photo Paul Hebert, ABC. “Arie is somebody, I think.… continue reading »

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Feb 13, 2018. Lauren B Arie Luyendyk, Jr The Bachelor Lauren B and Arie Luyendyk, Jr in Tuscany on 'The Bachelor.' Courtesy Lauren Burnham/Instagram. So this week, I missed the first ten minutes of the show, and as a result, missed the ladies arrivals to Italy and the first half of Becca K.'s date. I thought I would not be.… continue reading »

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Dec 26, 2017. After the fan-favorite was unexpectedly announced as the next Bachelor after a five-year absence from the franchise, a source told E! News about Arie's post-Bachelorette dating life. "He was hooking up with Courtney Robertson for a while and he also dated another girl, but for less than a year, and they.… continue reading »

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Feb 14, 2018. Arie and Becca K. ABC/Paul Hebert. I left my date with Becca feeling great. I went back to my room and opened a bottle of wine to unwind when I heard the knock. I was shocked to see Jacqueline when I opened the door. My breakup with Jacqueline was one of the most emotional moments in my time on.… continue reading »

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