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The down side to this is that he can only use three pins at a time(though he can keep any more on his person) and for a limited amount of time. Neku isn't the type of person to use his abilities to cause suffering, only prevent it.

Once he uses them up though, they will regenerate after a little bit of time. While most people can only use a few, Neku can use almost all without exception. That being said, he wouldn't go out of his way to use his abilities for good either. His distinctive bright orange hair, spiked in every direction, can be quite noticeable against all the other dark haired people of Japan, not to mention his as his attire.

His mother had prohibited him from interfering in foreign matters.

The surface world was where 'normal things take place' and the ninja world is known as the ninja world where ninjas exist.

Appearance: Raikou stands to be 5'8 and weighs around 143lbs.

He has a slender built, but overall he is quite muscular because of his sword skills.

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Raimei was given the black and, himself, the white. Another protest came out of their uncle's mouth and now the two children were there to witness it.

As soon as Iroku, the uncle, looked like he was about to kill Raikou because he thought he believed the same ideas as his mother and she stepped in and protected her son.

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