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But the best of all is that if someone joins the game, you can play with them, while not at the Find Four Board!!

: D Find Four Re-Login Glitch- Play a game of Find Four with someone else.

Your penguins will wave so rapidly that you can only see its hand just vibrating in mid-air!!

: ) Joking Cheat- Press “J” on your keyboard without letting go!!

First, go on a non-chat server, then go to the Night Club and play the DJ3K!! : D Then, click “Tab” and continue to click “Tab” or your arrow keys until the yellow box is around your “Your Home” icon, then press “Enter” and you would be back at home!!

: ) Then press “Tab” until the yellow box is around the “Yes” button of your DJ3K button, then press “Enter” Now at the DJ3K game, make the penguin happy!! : D Now, click the “Close” button, then you will get very few coins!!

😮 Annoying Whistle Cheat- Remove all your clothing and just wear a whistle!!: )weeks but is available in Club Penguin at any time!! Backgrounds are also available at any time but require coins in order to buy them!! : ) Ringing Bell Tip- One very interesting tip is that the Bell is the item in which you can wear any clothing items with it and you can make a ringing sound just by waving!! 😀 There are two areas in Club Penguin where you can “walk on the water” They are The Dock and The Ice Berg.Other special items, such as the bell and the apron only show their special moves when you wear them individually!! Put on an item with a special dance (Maracas, Propellor Hat, Mining Helmet, etc). If you did it with the Maracas you will shake invisible maracas and your tour guide hat will hold up the sign! An important part of glitches is the Walking Away From Game Glitches!!Now press “Ok” and you will be back in the game again!!

Then, you just keep clicking the “Close” button and keep clicking “Ok” and you will be earning lots of coins in a very short amount of time!! Lastly, if you want to use this cheat, please do not use it too frequently, and if you want to post it, please give credit and provide a link back to Straw000 and Redbluemast!!: ) You can also click on another spot after letting go and it will look as if invisible snowballs are being thrown from a spot without anyone there!!Frozen In The Air Cheat- Remove all your clothing and just wear a propeller hat!!😮 Sitting easily and quickly- Press the “S” key and you will sit in the direction you are facing!!