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WATCH: Stars React to Amber Heard's Domestic Abuse Allegations Against Johnny Depp April 21, 2016: Alleged Attack Following Heard's Birthday As noted in her court filing, Heard, who turned 30 on April 22, claims another abusive incident occurred when Depp showed up to her birthday party "inebriated and high" and "violently shoved me to the floor" after allegedly grabbing her by the hair.

May 2, 2016: Solo at the Met Gala After the apology video, the couple was rarely spotted together.

Heard told ET in June that the dogs had returned to America safely, saying, "They're good despite attempts by certain rogue thug Australian government officials, they are all right."WATCH: Johnny Depp's Exes Slam Amber Heard's 'Outrageous' Domestic Violence Allegations Sept.

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When the LAPD responded to the incident, however, the department said they found no evidence of a crime."She was sipping red wine, bopping around to the music.By the end of the show, she was on her feet."WATCH: Johnny Depp Doesn't Want to Pay Amber Heard Spousal Support in Divorce Nov.May 21, 2016: The 911 Call Heard claims in court documents that on this night, she and Depp got into a heated altercation, which allegedly resulted in him inflicting a bruise near her eye.

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Heard alleges that the bruises were caused by Depp throwing a cell phone at her face.October 2009: at the time that working with Depp is "probably the best experience I've ever had." WATCH: New Photos of Amber Heard Detail Another 'Violent' Incident With Johnny Depp June 2012: The Romance Begins After Depp's split from his partner of 14 years and the mother of his two children, French actress Vanessa Paradis, the actor began seeing Heard.(Depp and Paradis are parents to 17-year-old Lily-Rose and 14-year-old Jack.)Perhaps somewhat of a romantic, one of Depp's first gestures for his new flame during the early stages of their budding relationship was reportedly buying her a horse!Apparently, he did it so that she could ride with him while he filmed first reported that Depp and Heard were getting married."Of course they couldn't be happier to be engaged and excited to share the rest of their lives together," a source told the publication at the time. " May 2014: Revealing Text Messages Detailing Depp's Alleged Assault On June 1, 2016, ET exclusively obtained a text message conversation that a source said is from May 2014 between Heard and a man purported to be Depp's assistant, Stephen Deuters. 3, 2015: Married Heard and Depp made it official in early February with a ceremony on Depp's private island in the Bahamas. WATCH: Amber Heard Stunned at the Met Gala Without Husband Johnny Depp March 2015: Depp Injures Hand on Set, Sources Say Heard Told Friends That He Punched a Wall While filming in Australia, Depp suffered an injury to his right hand.

May 6, 2012. SPOILER ALERT The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race 20. Read at your own risk. After clocking in more than 40000 miles in 10 countries.… continue reading »

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Aug 18, 2016. ET breaks down the estranged couple's most memorable moments, dating all the way back to 2009. Johnny Depp & Amber Heard A Timeline of Their Relationship, Divorce and Domestic Abuse Allegations. By Desiree Murphy and Alex Ungerman PM PDT, August 18, 2016.… continue reading »

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May 12, 2014. Timmy Duncan is the same old steady, fundamentally-sound productive machine for the San Antonio Spurs on the court despite being 38 years old. Off the court, though, his game has undergone noticeable changes. Duncan filed for divorce from his wife, Amy, last year around March. The story didn't.… continue reading »

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Jan 26, 2012. Next month marks The Amazing Race's 20th season as the ultimate competition reality show! Eleven new teams will travel around the globe to 22 cities and nearly 400,000 miles in the hopes of winning the $1 million dollar grand prize! Among some of the crazy challenges the teams will face is skydiving in.… continue reading »

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