Rssinclude not updating

19-Aug-2017 06:50

Licenses and Permits: News releases on issues related to hunting and fishing licenses and permits.15.Tell Us What You Think: Take an online survey; comment on proposed rule changes, management plans, other issues facing the FWC.Southwest Region: News releases from the Southwest Region.6.South Region: News releases from the South Region.7. FWC Fishing: News releases related to freshwater/saltwater fishing and boating issues.10.

Despite having virtually no users, the Mail churns out 160 RSS feeds and the Mirror 280.

You can add a line in your XML code to remind others that you own the rights to content.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a technology that allows users to distribute and gather Web content (such as news headlines).

Please check the website for your reader or contact the reader's customer service department if you need help.

RSS files are XML and not HTML, so they cannot be added to a web page without processing (or parsing).

That doesn't mean that someone won't redistribute it for their own profit.