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22-Jul-2017 19:23

Four days later he sent me a message on Facebook, and for a week, he sent me beautiful love messages. I broke it off—I knew I couldn't survive it, emotionally.Then he sent me a CD full of the most stunning songs, which I listened to twice, crying."When I was in college, I dated a guy for two years who said he wasn't comfortable with the boyfriend' label.Among friends, I called him my significant other,' but when I was with him, I just went with the flow and assumed we were exclusive.After that, I put it away and never made contact with him again!

When he got home, I made a crack about the lap dance and could tell by the look on his face that he'd had one. He didn't understand why I was so angry, since it was normal' bachelor-party behavior.

I confronted him, and he said he didn't think we were officially together,' so it wasn't cheating.